Financial technology is one of the fastest growing industries across the world as consumers and businesses now see the consumption of payment solutions as a lifestyle and means of completing a business process. In fact, companies across different industries are now leveraging the infrastructural power of a fintech product to ease business processes, expansion, and growth across borders through payment.

For consumers, as they engage and use their favourite daily tech products, they seek the most convenient ways to complete payment process either for receiving, sending, or getting charged for a service. So if as a startup you’re not giving them the best suitable ways to complete payment actions faster, then you’re not building for them, and if you’re not building for consumers, the question to ask is who are you building for?.

#PipeUp your cross-border payment product

As a fintech startup building cross-border payment product, especially remittance, you most definitely have to focus on growth as you continue to build. But focusing on growth requires building with the infrastructure that suits your business purpose, and in the process, you’ll continue to grow your customer base and target more markets.

All these processes happen in stages and as competitive as the fintech industry is, you cannot afford to not carve out your own focus and aggressively capture and serve your ideal consumers in the same market, therefore for you to build faster we give you pipe by FXKudi.

Pipe is an operating system for cross-border payment solutions and serve as an end-to-end powerhouse for any fintech startups building cross-border payment solutions in Africa. Because of this, pipe becomes a plug-and-play solution for your payment product.

What does it mean for you to #PipeUp?

Using pipe to build your cross-border payment means that you can build a whole payment product faster, but it is more than that.

  1. Presence in more than twenty markets: Expansion takes time, it takes finding the right partner in those new markets or even deciding which market to go next. The process around this requires you to have already built a product for your primary market, to have gathered traction and build trust, then start looking into other markets possibly. It’s long and it can be tiring if your startup is especially just a few months. This is why we made provision for connecting you to the markets that you need in and out of Africa, and interestingly, you choose where you want to go next.
  2. Leverage on FXKudi payment flow: The flow between collection and settlement to complete any transaction process is at the speed of light, which means that the time to complete a transaction from customer end is instant. As long as you’re plugged into pipe, this becomes your reality with users engaging with your product.
  3. Analytics: Pipe provides you with analytical reports on every single transaction. This gives you the power to make informed decisions and provide timely support to users if and when needed.
  4. No integration, collection, and settlement fees: You obviously need some financial investment to kick-start cross-border payment product, and you still do before connecting to pipe. But what if we told you that connecting to pipe gives you everything you need to launch your product to the market and focus on your users (which implies focusing on growth)?, then yes you do not need money to settle users of your product, pipe takes care of that.

 As we said quite earlier, pipe is an operating system for your next cross-border payment solution. So plug into pipe to build faster, and focus on growth.

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