As a small business, you’d agree that you serve different kinds of customers whose interests and choices differ. You could also agree that in serving those kinds of customers regardless of the business you do, you must continue to make transactions between your business and the customers a good experience for them to continue to come back or even refer others.

In that context, what do you do in situations where cash being “king” is slowly undergoing some serious tests by government policies to promote cashless payment for business transactions? What would you do to position your business better to serve customers? Are you sleeping on the idea of “cashless policies will not affect my business” or you are choosing to lean forward and evolve with the payment evolution?.

For you not to be left behind in the payment evolution where customers that you serve then become more comfortable paying cashless while you are not ready. For you to make the needed option that suits customers’ needs and simplify payment process for them anytime they engage with your business, that then makes you well positioned for the future of business.

We introduce FXKudi for business

In the bubble of changing payment patterns with consumers every day, businesses are beginning to realize that the simplest ways are the only way for consumers in this era. This means that consumers know what they want and they determine what your business must put in place for their satisfaction. If as a business you don’t put those things in place, you are close to being out of the market. So, for you not to be left behind or eventually fade out of the market, we bring to you an intuitive payment powerhouse that does not just help you collect payment from customers in the option that best suits them, but also provides an all-in-one payment system that helps you keep track of your business finances.

How does this help your customer pay you conveniently?

In serving customers of different caliber, interests, and kinds, you might be missing out on the ones that feel left out in the sense that they are not able to patronize due to you not giving them options to make payment because they use other currencies or simply don’t walk around with cash that much. The question then is, how do you cater to the need of those ones and simply others too?

To assist you with the tools that simplifies process for you and your customers and create a business that is inclusive across board, we are helping you become customer-focused through three major facets of payment inclusivity:

  1. Accept payment in multiple currencies:

    You may wonder how your local business could possibly be able to accept currencies that are not used locally. Well, it is simply that customers will be able to pay for the services or goods they purchase from you with any accepted currency and you are simply settled in your local currency which is the exact equivalence of what they purchased.
  2. USSD POS:

    Nine out of 10 mobile transactions in Africa flow through USSD which means that Africa generally uses the technology to perform transactions daily more than any other payment technology. Since that is the case, you cannot be left out of it, and if you are, then you have deprived yourself of getting to serve more people.

    FXKudi for business provides your customers with the USSD technology to pay you anytime they engage with your business. This serves as your business’ point of sale and it caters to the need of your customers.
  3. QRPay:

    Cashless payment across Africa is rapidly surging with the use of Quick Response payment. This technology allows your customers to scan and make an instant payment to your business and we have made that available to you. For a food business, lounge, bar, or hospitality, you definitely give your customers an unrivaled option to pay you, which is in the best interest of your customers and your business respectively.

FXKudi for Business core offer to your business

FXKudi Business is a comprehensive financial management solution that includes features such as automated accounting, invoicing, payment processing, and expense tracking. These tools will help your business streamline its financial processes, allowing you to focus on business growth. It offers a range of customizable financial reports and analytics, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your business’s financial performance. This data can be used to make informed decisions and drive business growth. So, while your customers pay you, there should be no worries about getting financial reports when you need them and how you need them. Why? because you can do that with a click on a button.

If you then have an existing application or website for your business, our APIs and plugins are easy to use and can be seamlessly integrated.

We emphasized on growth so much because your business has to be positioned for growth that translates into consistent revenue and profit generation.

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