The efficiency of the tools we provide for users which translates to a good user experience has been our core focus in product development. This time, we made some improvements to the app and added more features for your convenience.

In 2022 we launched FXKudi version 2.0 with a new design that complements and addresses users’ needs. In the same version 2.0 we focus a lot on easing the payment processes that help users to complete money exchange and make bills payment faster, create virtual dollar cards easily, and get virtual wallets in multiple currencies created.

The new improved ways

As we continue to emphasize and focus on user experience, we understand that the experience does not stop on having a clean app interface, it requires simplifying in-app processes. This is why we made these changes to the process and features.

Generate real USD, Naira, Pounds, and Euro Bank accounts in two minutes

Yes, we had virtual wallets which were available in Naira. This means that Nigerians home and abroad will be able to create virtual Naira wallets without having to visit a bank. They then are able to receive Naira into their wallets sending out the account information required to receive money.

This time, We have made some improvements to virtual wallets because they will no longer be seen as a virtual wallet but seen as a real bank account that carries your name. For example, after creating providing all the required information to create a bank account, in the case of Naira account you would see in the app your account number, your account name (which is your name), and other banking information related to your account. This same information is given for other currencies for you to accept transfers home and abroad literally in minutes.

Steps to create one (Naira):

  1. Sign in and navigate to wallet
  2. Tap on NGN (Naira)
  3. Choose BVN Verified Account and Provide other required information
  4. Provided Information is verified and the account becomes active immediately

Steps to create one (USD, Pounds & Euro):

  1. Sign in and navigate to wallet
  2. Tap on USD or Euro
  3. Provide required information
  4. Provided verified ID
  5. Provided ID is verified and the account becomes active immediately

FXKudi currency market

The currency market is added to give users the power to choose how much they are willing to take for an exchange. If you have ₦20,000 to send to Ghana, you might want to find the best rate to get more for less. This makes the currency market a much more relevant tool for you. Giving you the option to choose the rate you are willing to accept for your exchange. On the other end, there is another user who is willing to give the exchanging currency at the rate you prefer.

The concept of the currency market is to create a peer-to-peer tool for FXKudi users that gives more value for their money in the app.

Steps to get started:

  1. Sign in and navigate to Currency Market
  2. Tap on the plus button to create an order
  3. Input the amount you have for the currency and input how much you are willing to take
  4. Click on create order and FXKudi will match your order with anyone willing to take that offer
  5. Complete the transaction in the process

With the trajectory of mobile payment adoption, and to continuously bring the value that adoption of mobile payments brings to consumers we believe that every consumer needs a bank in their pocket. For us to do that, we brought you the ease to create a bank account in 2 minutes without ever visiting a bank and the currency market for making trades and payments with ease.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via or any of our social media handles. We do have live support on our website ( for you to get a quick response to your support needs.