In today’s digital age, virtual cards are becoming increasingly popular as a safer and simpler way to spend money. From small business owners to fintech startups and finance executives, virtual cards offer many unique advantages that traditional cards simply cannot match. We’ll explore four major benefits of virtual cards and why they continue to be your safe and convenient spending option.

What is a virtual card?

Virtual cards work exactly like your regular physical bank card. They just live on your phone instead of your physical wallet as they are secured by encryption which provides a safe and convenient way to pay online without the need to carry a physical card or share sensitive personal information. It has its own 16 digits card numbers, CVV, and expiry date. The 16 digits and all other relevant card numbers are required to make any purchase online as it is also seen on your regular bank card. So anytime you are shopping or making any form of online payment, those details are needed to complete them.

Virtual cards offer convenience

One of the main draws of virtual cards is their convenience. Unlike physical cards, virtual cards allow users to make quick and easy payments through their phones without the hassle of carrying around a card. This makes online shopping easier and more convenient than ever for consumers and businesses while protecting their information. Using virtual cards, you’ll also never have to worry about losing or misplacing your debit card again.

Fraud Protection

Virtual cards offer superior fraud protection compared to physical cards. So because you have access to card information and useful tools, you’re able to freeze your card whenever you want and unfreeze it at your convenience.

In addition, virtual cards lack magnetic strips and visible card numbers, making it even more difficult for unauthorized persons to infiltrate your account. Many virtual cards also require pin numbers or face scans before granting access to your account. If your virtual card does become compromised, you can simply freeze your account to stop any fraudulent activity as stated.

After having all of these security measures for the use of your virtual card, you might be surprised that some cards have 3D secure feature which while making payments sends you an authorization code that ensures that only you have the power to authorize any payment from your card.

Spending Controls

Virtual cards allow users to set spending limits and choose which merchants they can pay while using them. This helps ensure that users spend funds wisely and protects accounts against hackers. Many virtual cards also enable cardholders to select a date they’d like to close their card or schedule it to close automatically after one payment.

Subscription Management

Another advantage of virtual cards is their subscription management feature. Users can manage all their online subscriptions through virtual cards. When setting up virtual cards for each subscription, users can easily see if a merchant overcharges them and cancel the card without changing payment information for each vendor. With virtual cards, users can skip the hassle of canceling a subscription by simply deleting the card entirely because you have the power to create multiple.

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