In the Financial Inclusion Week, Accion Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI) announced FXKudi and 49 other global early-stage Inclusive Fintech startups on 17th October 2022 as winners of the 4th cohort of Inclusive Fintech 50. This is to recognize the exemplary work we are doing as a team to serve all the underserved individuals and businesses and our focus on meeting customer needs. The program that led to this 4th Inclusive Fintech 50 cohort was sponsored by Visa, MetLife Foundation, Jersey Overseas Aid & Comic Relief. Supported by Accion and International Finance Corporation. 

[You can access the list of winners here]

CFI works to advance inclusive financial services for the billions of people who currently lack the financial tools needed to improve their lives and prosper. They leverage partnerships to conduct rigorous research and test promising solutions and then advocate for evidence-based change. CFI was founded by Accion in 2008 to serve as an independent think tank on inclusive finance across the globe.

What this recognition mean for us

We set out to connect people and Africa to global opportunities through payment, and this means allowing people, businesses, communities, and nations have access to the financial tools that help them meet their daily payment needs in the easiest ways.

In the most rural part of African communities where people do not have access to or understand how to use the available tools for payment, we have built the most intuitive tools that they become most comfortable with through our unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) and distributed agents network, and we keep building on that to serve the underserved. This is what makes them inclusive, this is what connects them to the opportunities and not shut them out.

Moving forward, what this recognition means for us is to continue to build and innovate in ways that improve financial inclusion for the unserved and underserved people in Africa. They are the bedrock of the African economy, and they matter.

A note of gratitude

Over the years, the FXKudi team has been recognized in and outside Africa for focusing on consumers’ needs. We collectively appreciate everything and it is a sign that shows we are doing the right thing.

We are also not forgetting that this is a challenge to step up for the unserved and underserved in Africa. We are indeed in service to Africa,, and we will continue to give our best.

To all the consumers and businesses on our platform, we say thank you for trusting the solution we provide.