FXKudi is the most promising tech company in Ghana 2021
Most promising tech company in Ghana, FXKudi

At the Ghana National Governance & Business Leadership Awards, FXKudi was initially nominated to receive an award for the most promising tech company in Ghana, and on 13th August, at the venue, FXKudi was awarded the most promising tech company of the year.

To us, this remains a reminder of why we started, and to consistently ensure that our mission to make Africa borderless through payment is undiluted and unwavering. However, we couldn’t have been recognized as the most promising in Ghana without collaborating with communities, our users, and all other stakeholders involved to connect families to one another, connect young Africans to their dreams, and connect the entire African people to global opportunities all through payment.

We feel that this award is not just to recognize us, it is a challenge to us to do more, be more, and give more. Finally, we dedicate this award to the African people at home or abroad who serve the continent through the good work they do for themselves and others. We represent that spirit, and you are a hero.

Love 💖,

Team FXKudi