In the past two years and a couple of months, we have kept improving and delivering on ease of money transfer through the provision of free and instant money transfer between countries and people. Through this, we have been able to deepen the connection between families in over 20 countries in and out of Africa. This achievement has given us a sense of responsibility and service to people and Africa; why?, because we set out to be a Fintech startup that connects people and the African continent to global opportunities through payment.

To create more opportunities, this June, we launch #KudiHero. This is a community payment platform that is built to extend cross-border money transfer service for eligible individuals and businesses to serve consumers in their communities and make money while doing so. Each successfully boarded individual and business on the #KudiHero platform is called a Hero and this is because they are the facilitators and extenders of payment services to consumers who need those services in the communities they live in, and more so helping to connect families and Africa together, one community and one country at a time.

For short, KudiHeroes are the champions of financial inclusion in Africa.

What exactly would KudiHeroes do? 🤔

KudiHeroes are community payment champions for Africa, and they will help consumers and businesses to send, receive and spend with ease and on the go. Their involvement in payment facilitation will include;

  1. Cross border money transfer: Help people send and receive money between over 20 countries for free and instantly
  2. Bill Payment: Help consumers purchase airtime, pay DSTV, Water, and other utility bills instantly
  3. Payment card issuance: Generate personalized virtual dollar cards for customers to make borderless online payments anytime, anywhere.
  4. Make Cardless cash withdrawals for customers in Nigeria using USSD or in-app functionalities.

As a KudiHero, doing all these make you money each time, and you do not have to invest a dime on anything, especially on international money transfer. We will not ask for money to register so you could have access to tools to get started, NO WE WON’T. For as long as you you have access to the tools provided, you only have to extend those services to your existing and new customers (for businesses), and your family and friends (for individuals).

KudiHero Earnings 💸

For every service you offer your customer, you will earn cash for doing that. So for you to keep track of those earnings, you will be able to see what you earn using the earning tracker tool. With that information, you could tell what your performance has been and decide to take out your earnings whenever you want

Who can become a KudiHero? 🙋

For as long as you meet all our requirements, you are eligible to become a Hero. As a small business, you serve the need of your local community with the service or product you sell. As a student who wants to make extra without stress while studying, you would probably want to join the KudiHeroes in making money while they do their Hero thing. So if you meet all requirements as stated on our KYC page you will be able to complete registration and start your KudiHero journey.

The process of becoming a Hero

We have simplified the process of signup for all heroes, being registered businesses or individuals. To become one, please follow the steps below;


  1. Visit Registration Page
  2. Select Country & Option “Registered Business”
  3. Proceed to provide all required information about you and your business
  4. Submit and wait for approval


  1. Visit Registration Page
  2. Select Country & Option “Individual”
  3. Proceed to provide all required information about yourself
  4. Submit and wait for approval

To learn more about KudiHero, visit