For us, the year 2022 started with a mission to give the best experience for all users by building more useful tools to make transaction flow easier, faster, and better. While we do that, we also focus on working on using the tools we are building to enhance financial inclusion for underserved and unserved consumers and businesses across Africa. So, in this article, we will bring you up to speed on what we have done in the year 2022 together.

FXKudi 2.0 experience

In the first quarter of 2022, we launched the new improved user interface that comes with four major updates. The updates are for users to be able to send money and receive from more countries, to also allow users to make payments easily however they want to, and those payment options include being able to complete transactions with FXKudi wallet or payment cards respectively. In that update, we changed the entire look of the app itself to give users the best feeling and ease of use navigating through the app.

Multi-currency Wallet

The FXKudi 2.0 experience comes with a multi-currency wallet that allows users to create virtual bank accounts in Naira and Dollars. This gives our users an opportunity to have a bank account without leaving home or stepping foot in the bank. Read more on this here

The Kudi Hero platform

KudiHero gives small businesses, students, and entrepreneurs an opportunity to provide financial services to their friends, customers, colleagues, and consumers in their communities. As they do that, they earn commission and do not require money to start. We launched this product to make financial products more inclusive.

To get started, applicants can visit you could also learn more here

Inclusive Fintech of the year

In the Financial Inclusion Week, Accion Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI) announced FXKudi and 49 other global early-stage Inclusive Fintech startups on 17th October 2022 as winners of the 4th cohort of Inclusive Fintech 50. This is to recognize the exemplary work we are doing as a team to serve all the underserved individuals and businesses and our focus on meeting customer needs. The program that led to this 4th Inclusive Fintech 50 cohort was sponsored by Visa, MetLife Foundation, Jersey Overseas Aid & Comic Relief. Supported by Accion and International Finance Corporation.

Learn more here

FXKudi B2B Pipe product

This is specifically a Business to business product for Fintech startups to easily build and get ready for the markets they intend to serve their remittance product. As a fintech startup building cross-border payment product, especially remittance, you most definitely have to focus on growth as you continue to build. But focusing on growth requires building with the infrastructure that suits your business purpose, and in the process, you’ll continue to grow your customer base and target more markets.

This product is built to help fintech startups focus on customers and growth. Helping them to build faster, and you can learn more here

A Bank in your pocket & Currency market

We have made some improvements to virtual wallets because they will no longer be seen as a virtual wallet but seen as a real bank account that carries your name. For example, after creating providing all the required information to create a bank account, in the case of Naira account you would see in the app your account number, your account name (which is your name), and other banking information related to your account. This same information is given for other currencies for you to accept transfers home and abroad literally in minutes.

On the other hand, the currency market is added to give users the power to choose how much they are willing to take for an exchange. If you have ₦20,000 to send to Ghana, you might want to find the best rate to get more for less. This makes the currency market a much more relevant tool for you. Giving you the option to choose the rate you are willing to accept for your exchange. On the other end, there is another user who is willing to give the exchanging currency at the rate you prefer.

The concept of the currency market is to create a peer-to-peer tool for FXKudi users that gives more value for their money in the app.

Read more here

Thank you for 2022

The year 2022 has been extraordinary with the improvements we made and the new products we launched to serve markets, businesses, and people better. In the same year, we got some accolades from the international community for the work we are doing to contribute to financial inclusion in Africa. We also have our esteemed users, partners, and all stakeholders involved in making the year 2022 a truly extraordinary one.

As we continue to connect people to global opportunities through payment, this was another year to connect more people and we did that with you. Thank you and we look forward to doing more with you in 2023.


Team FXKudi