The virtual dollar card has been serving consumers, users, and businesses across board in countries like Nigeria. Our virtual card service was temporarily stopped to work on delivering exceptional card service to you, and now virtual cards are back on FXKudi.

As we took time to work on giving an exceptional card service, we have added your most preferred platforms to the list of accepted merchants to use the FXKudi virtual dollar card on.

From 2D card to 3D security

FXKudi Card is a virtual prepaid dollar card designed to provide you with access to unrestricted global payment. A dollar card that does not require having a US bank account or a dollar domiciliary account. It gives you access to platforms your Bank cards can’t.

While it remains a virtual card, it used to be a 2D payment card which means that whenever you want to make any payment online, you are only required to input your basic card information to instantly checkout on any platform accepting virtual cards. However, the 2D virtual dollar card isn’t accepted everywhere, so it has limitations.

3D on the other hand provides you with extra verification to improve security levels while making any payment online. You are able to provide all the basic card information required to make payments but for you to complete any payment, a one-time-password (OTP) via SMS and email is sent to you. This OTP steps up your payment experience with FXKudi card on any platform and ensures that your card does not get used by anyone else but yourself.

Pay on over 3000 merchant websites

What is even better with FXKudi 3D card is that you are able to make payments on all of your favorite merchants across the globe. The initial 2D card had a limited merchant list, and now the list is endless and opportunities are also endless. Now you can make payment securely on;

Your favorite streaming platforms



Apple Music & iTunes

HBO, Showmax, and more.

Your preferred eCommerce platforms




eBay and lots more

Online course websites





LinkedIn and many others

Digital Ads platforms




LinkedIn and more

And of course, purchase your Starlink router with an FXKudi card.

Just imagine not having a US bank account as we said, and not having a domiciliary account as well, and still having access to a dollar card, or creating multiple dollar cards for family and friends and for different spending purposes online. Isn’t that amazing? 

How to create your card

In three simple steps, you’re able to create one or multiple cards to gain access to payment freedom. You do not pay a monthly or yearly maintenance fee to keep using your card.

To make inquiries, we are open to you on any of our social media communication channels, live chat on our website, and via email at