FXKudi wallet was designed to be the pocket bank that helps you with all your banking needs from your phone, and it could do more. You would be wondering what more can a wallet do, but we’ll shed light on that in this article.

1. Receive money 💸

Receiving money from family, friends, colleagues, customers, and clients, when you are outside the country, could be stressful especially when you do not have a bank account in Nigeria or no longer valid because it has been dormant for months. To activate that account, you have to visit the bank to fill out forms and all sorts. So if that money is urgent, how then do you receive it?. Well, that is a puzzle we intend to solve with ease.

For as long as you have an FXKudi wallet, you will be able to receive Naira into your wallet just as you receive money into your regular bank account. All you have to do is provide the sender with your unique FXKudi wallet number (which serves as your bank account number), and all other details available to you. Then the sender can walk into any bank in Nigeria or use any means of money transfer that’s available in Nigeria to send you the money. You then will be notified as soon as your wallet is credited.

So in just three steps, you receive money into your wallet. Copy your wallet details and send to the sender of the money, that’s it.

2. Send money locally 😊

To receive money is simple, to send money is simpler.
When money is received, you obviously would want to pay for something which implies sending money out of your account, right?. OK!.

Here is the drill. To send money locally means that you are sending from your FXKudi wallet account to another local bank account in naira. So what you got to do is open your FXKudi app as usual, navigate to wallet and send to the receiver. There is no delay whatsoever in sending. Just go ahead and provide receiver’s bank information and tap send, that’s it. Easy-Peasy 😊

3. Send money across border ✈️

Sending money locally is not enough.
We understand that you might need to send money to a friend, supplier, colleague, or family outside of your country. This is why we built a cross-border functionality into FXKudi wallet to allow you easily send money across borders in style. In sending money across border, there is an inbuilt exchange rate calculator which tells you what the current exchange rate is before sending money. We have seen that this has helped thousands of FXKudi users to connect with their friends and family living outside their residing countries.

The easiest way to utilize the all-in-one functionality of FXKudi wallet is to gain access through verification and start using it to the fullest.

4. Monitor spending habit 👀

Receiving, sending, or spending money has been made easy but it is not complete if you cannot track how you spend, send, or even receive money over time. This is why the spending habit tracker in the wallet makes it easy to get informed on how your personal finance is daily, weekly, or monthly to help you make smart financial decisions for yourself.

If you are using your wallet, keep in mind that we bring support close to you each time you need it. don’t forget that you have an account manager and you can call or mail them from the app directly.

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